Mens Ten Top and best Fashion Tips one should know

Here are few tricks and style trends for the Mens for perfect look

1) Get everything Adjusted

If you feel that that the online cloths are not fitted well or adjusted make sure to altered them. It is important to look best as the loose cloths don’t give good look.

2) Shoes

There are more than 2 shoe colors for mens apart from black and brown where the mens prefer, but it will be good enough if you can use colored leather shoes are the fantastic options. Get little crazy with red, blues, and grey. As we are aware about the matching of belt with the shoe color but the black belt can be used for the grey shoes. Match the colors of shocks with the color of trousers.

3) Rolling Shirt sleeves

Practice rolling your shirt sleeves in different ways like flat roll, thin role according to your need and the occasion, as the thin role is preferred to the fat guys as it give them the good looks.

4) Never let the women plan your dresses

Every person has own choice of choosing cloths even the fashionable women will not able to choose the proper dress for men as both are cross dresser, if you really want to take advice ask your male friend for choosing cloths, try not talking advice from women.

5) Organize the wardrobe

Make your wardrobe organize so that if you need any outfit can be reached easily, try to get wardrobe with the cleaned and press shirts and shoes, avoid graphic tees as it doesn’t help you to get notice more. Have one or two cardigans for the cool nights. Keep your wardrobe update with the new collection.

6) Mens Facial hair or clean shave

One can have full beard, but shape the beard with the razor so that it doesn’t look like you have just let it grow. You can try with the different beard design according to the face shape if you want to give a decent look try with the little beard

7) Lightest fabrics in summer

Soft and stretchable white polo t-shirts give you a decent look in summer with the grey or light brown pant. Cotton shirt will also be a good choice.

8) Cell phone and sunglasses

Cell phone and sunglasses has become one of the most important part of your look, so get a good pair of the sunglasses and funky case for your smartphone will be good but it should be slim.

9) Mens Fashion show

As 90% of the men’s fashion show wear will be useless but 10% of them will help you to get better dress code and can take as an inspirational note.

10) Don’t think so much

Over thinking of the dress code may be clash with the colors and looks, if you cannot be able to decide the dress code or confuse with the colors, just go with the formal dress white shirt and black pant and shoes with a tie. In the last note what you are wearing it should be presentable.

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